Create A Retirement Home Or Become Family Friendly: Know


How to create a retirement home or become family friendly? What are the steps and steps to open a retirement home or a private Ehpad? How much is a retirement home? What obstacles?

In France, more than one in three people will be over 60 in 2050, more than 23 million people (about 15 million today).

With an aging population and a stagnant number of places to stay, demand far exceeds supply. A trend that will continue to grow.

To note :

Currently, 92% of people over 75 live at home,

there are only 16 beds in retirement homes in France for every 100 people over 80 years old.

In this context, creating a retirement home or embarking on home care, therefore, seems promising. Because of its constraints and regulations, this activity cannot be improvised.

Here’s all you need to know to create a retirement home or become family friendly.